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Greeting Councilman Miller at the Iftar.

Br. Musaalih, SEQMC Board Member and Moderator for the afternoon's program greets Councilman Daneek Miller as he arrives at the Iftar.

Councilmember Miller at 2019 Iftar.

Councilmember Daneek Miller welcomed everyone to this year's Annual Iftar with greetings of Ramadan Mubarak! The Councilmember's Office has supported the Iftar each year!

Dr. Musa Wecomes All.

Dr. Abdus-Salaam Musa, President of SEQMC, Inc. welcomes all to the 4th Annual Ramadan Community Iftar.

Starting Program at 2019 Iftar

Seating Elected Officials at the Iftar, Br. Musaalih of SEQMC prepares to introduce them.

Sharing a moment.

Borough President Katz and Councilmember Miller share a moment at the Iftar.

Borough President Melinda Katz

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz welcomes all and shared remarks about the diversity of Queens while wishing all a happy Ramadan.

Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman

Assemblywoman Hyndman returned to the Iftar this year with a warm welcome and greetings for the month of Ramadan.

Dr. Sarah Sayeed at Iftar

Dr. Sayeed, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Civic Engagement speaks to Iftar guests about being involved in community activities.

C. Thorbs from Community Bd

Community Board 12 representative, Carlene Thorbs encouraged all to get to know the activities of the Board and become active in the community.

Richard Davis speaks to audience.

31st Assembly District Leader Richard David conveys Ramadan greetings and well wishes.

Organization speaker.

Many organizations sent representatives to give remarks.

NYC Thrive Representative

Thrive NYC Representative informs all about the important services available via the Thrive NYC initiative.

Guest speaker at Iftar.

This guest speaker conveyed the importance of participation in the 2020 US Census.

Early arrivers visit tables at Iftar.

Before the crowd, those arriving early enjoyed visiting the resource tables at the Iftar.

Encouraging Zakat.
Afternoon Face Painting line.

During the earlier hours of the Iftar, visitors to the park picked up balloons, gifts and got their faces painted.

Zakat Foundation of America.

The Zakat Foundation of America provided an information table.

Voter Registration Table at Iftar

SEQMC's table provided introductory information about the 2020 US Census and conducted voter registration for upcoming elections in 2019. Get registered!

Listening to the Iftar Speakers

Under a slight drizzle, guests listened to Iftar speakers.

Enjoying the Iftar.

Listening to the Iftar program until it was time to break the fast.

Arriving at the Iftar.

Families continue to arrive to the Iftar.

Working a Table at the Iftar.

Sharing information with those visiting the table or maybe a gift of a toy for a young child.

Imam Aiyub with Brothers at Iftar.

Imam Aiyub, SEQMC member chatting with brothers at the Iftar.

Children at 2019 Ramadan Community Iftar

Children enjoyed having their face or hands painted.

Waiting for a paint job/

Children waited patiently for their turn to have their face or hands painted.

Chatting at the Iftar.

Councilmember Miller and 31st District Leader Richard David talk with Iftar guests.

Happy Face Balloons at Iftar

Balloons filled Rufus King Park at the Ramadan Community Iftar, 5/11/2019

SEQMC members and Guests.

Organization representatives pictured with SEQMC members.

Talented Henna designers at work.

The Henna table had many waiting as talented sisters created exquisite designs.

Me Next! Me Next!

Having one's face painted while at the park just seems so natural and special!

A little drizzle at the Iftar.

Umbrellas came out as a little rain started to fall a short time before breaking fast.

Sisters from Humanity Services.

Talented Sisters representing Humanity Services provided henna designs while they enjoyed being at the Iftar.

Br. Tariq, SEQMC Secretary at Iftar.

Br. Tariq's comments highlighted the Iftar's theme: "Breaking Barriers to Solidify Our Communities," which is how we work together for the benefit of the community.

Dr. Abdus-Salaam Musa

President of SEQMC, Dr. Abdus-Salaam Musa walking through the crowd.

Queens EOC Banner at Iftar.

The SUNY-Queens EOC was present distributing information about the tuition-free programs and services offered to eligible Jamaica and NYC residents.

Checking out the information.

Young and older Iftar guests viewed and obtained information from tables.

Growing crowd at the Iftar.

With skies growing more overcast, many continued to arrive at the Iftar.

Imam Aiyub Speaks at Iftar.

Imam Aiyub, SEQMC Board Member speaks to the spiritual and social meanings of Ramadan reflecting on history and where we are today.

Br. Bilal distributes children's gifts.

SEQMC Vice-President Br. Bilal distributes bubble blowers and other gifts to children or their parents.

Umbrellas out in a light rain.

The rain did not deter anyone from enjoying the Iftar. The rain is a blessing.

Sister paints a child's hand at Iftar.

Hand painting was worth the wait as Sister takes her time carefully painting a little girl's hand.

Do you know how to play chess?

SEQMC Board Member Br. Musaalih demonstrated the fundamentals of chess to interested youth at the Iftar.

SEQMC members and guests.

A group photo of SEQMC and co-sponsoring organization members.

Imam Zaheer speaks to the crowd.

Speaking on the rewards of Ramadan, Imam Zaheer provided nasiha for all.

Visiting guests at the Iftar.

Imam Aiyub and Br. Tariq visit tables and guests at the Iftar.

Br. Tariq and Dr. Musa.

SEQMC leaders having a moment together at the Iftar.

Face painting table.

Face painting was very popular at the Iftar provided by Sisters from ICNA.

Henna designed hands.

Sisters from Humanity Services created beautiful designs in henna on many hands.

Visiting tables at the Iftar.

Many visited tables at the Oftar.

SUNY-Queens EOC staff at Iftar.

Ms. Michelle representing SUNY-EOC at the Iftar.

Children at the Iftar.

Dr. Musa serves children at the Iftar.

Children at Iftar.

Waiting for the special childrens meal: rice and fried chicken,

The crowd grew as fast breaking time nea

Waiting to break the fast.

Dr. Musa and Br. Maceo

Br. Maceo shares a special moment with Dr. Musa, one generation to another generation at the Iftar. Br. Maceo never misses an SEQMC event.

2019 Ramadan Community Iftar

Enjoying the tables at the Iftar

Salatul Maghrib at the Iftar.

After breaking one's fast, Muslims pray the evening prayer called Maghrib when it arrives at sunset.

After Salutul Maghrib

After breaking fast and making Maghrib prayer everyone begins to depart the Iftar. Ramadan Mubarak.

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